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I need help
Who would win Batman or Spiderman my friends and i have been trying to figure this out
we have the rich genius may not have superpowers but is an expert in martial arts and could create all of spidermans inventions and plus has Albert
Spiderman is a genius but isn't rich or good in martial arts but has spidey sense and agility and stamina
a friend and I think Batman is better my two other friends think Spiderman is best but I,knew you guys would be able to tell the real story
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@buddyesd lol imagine deadpool vs Batman
2 years ago·Reply
anyone vs deadpool would be funny as hell
2 years ago·Reply
lol yea this is true
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while physically stronger, spiderman has no actual fighting skill or training. He might be stronger but he more than likely wouldn't be able to land a hit on him. Also batman has taken hits from superman and remained conscience, i don't think it would really be that much of power imbalance against batman
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