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@danidee I took a lot of video, but these are a majority of the taken pictures. The person I went with has a few of us together in front of the ferris wheel.
YESSSS I used to be obsessed with going to Coachella. And I don't really listen to country much anymore because I feel like I'm sort of a music sponge. I like to listen to a lot of one genre and then move onto another lol. I'm really transition-happy when it comes to my taste. AND EDC IS LIKE.. 15 YEAR OLD GIRLS IN BODY GLITTER AND BRAS. I was like DDD: I'd much rather just go to a club on the night my favorite DJs are playing. I know that EDC is age restricted, but it's HARDLY enforced and it ends up being a bunch of really young kids doing drugs.
and how was* EDC??? worth going?? Ah, it sounds like so much fun haha Why old? XD The overdressed is self explanatory, though lol
@danidee what?!?!? Three times??? D= I live right up the street from it for 20 years now and This is my first time going to either of the events haha and why don't you listen to it anymore? It's some of the best feels around ;-; I'm tempted to make a bunch of cards of my favorite country songs and tag you in all of them and spam your notifications lol
Also ughhh I went to EDC a few years back and it made me feel old and overdressed lol.
I've been to Coachella three different times! :) And yeah, I love early-to-mid 90s country music the most if we're excluding classic country. My dad always had the country radio station playing when he'd drive me around when I was a little girl, so some of those songs just remind me of when I was a little girl even if I don't necessarily still listen to country much anymore. Stagecoach seemed like a whole lot of fun though! It's nice that country music fans get their own Coachella lol.
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