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Crystal Bridal Crown
For the bride that wants that Game of Thrones style crown--the kind that looks like it was hand crafted and not mass-produced--then you need to check this dazzling crown out!
It's all handmade by Gillian of Elemental Child. Alec K. Redfearn took the photos you see. It's called "In The Dust Of The Stars." It's $635. Hand-selected quartz is the stone of choice that is used with metal ribbon to give it the structure and takes about 12 weeks to be completed.
Can you see yourself in a crown like this?
Ooooo. I want one!! Haha. Guess I'm going to add this to my wedding plans list
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So glad you love it @Jasminep96
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Oh my goodness!!
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Wait till you see the Grandeur Necklace that I found @RobynHope
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I want this :-)
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