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The halls seemed empty, the brightness would blind everyone around them. Sam couldn't recognized the faces of the people she knew. She had the feeling that everyone at the end will go away. Then, why even try? Why have a first love, if at the end of it, they would end up leaving? Because it is true.... no one would stay.       "Wake up!"        Sam jumped at the surprise of Yoongi being next to her. Again feeling this emotions she wasn't supposed to feel. "Don't scare me like that" "I wasn't trying to scare you, you dummy "- Yoongi said as he sat next to her. "You seem off today, something wrong?" "No, I am fine" "I know you better than that"       And he did. Yoongi knew Sam since they were in middle school, it helped that they were in the same grade. "I have been thinking..."-Sam responded as she looked to the front of the room. "Really? About what?- Yoongi asked with concern. "About what I am going to do when I finish highschool...its just tha-" "Hello my beautiful and fantastic friends!" "whats up, Melanie?"-Yoongi gave her a smile. "Well nothing much, Jimin and I went on a date the other day"-She said and she sat behind Yoongi, getting her things ready. "That sounds nice..."        Sam didn't want to keep listening. Is not that she wasn't happy for her friend. But its the fact that she felt that she was never going to have someone with her,that loves her like Jimin loves Melanie. Oh well, it's not like it wasn't something important...right? ------- "Hey what's up?"       Was she dreaming or Kim Namjoon just sat next to her?       Ever since she was little, she liked to being alone. Even if people asked her to give her company, she quietly rejected them. Yoongi and Melanie had different lunch hours and so it was impossible to meet them there.      But now, there was this guy trying to break down her walls. "May I help you with something?"-Sam asked looking down at her food. "No, i just wanted to talk to you...can I sit?"-Namjoon hoped for an answer.      It was now or never Love? What if you were wrong?     But what if you were right? At the end of the day... life is about taking risks, right? "...sure.." "Ah, thank you"- Namjoon changed his expression from one of concern to one of happines. "So..."   The awkward time begins here "Do you like music?"-Namjoon asked, looking at Sam in the eyes. "Yes, i do" "What type?"        Should she say? Should she say that she was actually trash for cute korean guys in leather pants? ".. I like rock music... and Kpop..." 1 2 3   "Ah, finally someone who I can fanboy with!"-Namjoon said excited as he got closer to Sam.  And so, words were exchanged, smiles, laughter and phone numbers were shared. And even a date that she could not belive will change her forever. ----- "I can't believe that you took me here..." "I am sorry, it's my first date with a guy and I don't want to be alone" "And I don't want to be the third wheel"       Melanie and Sam were walking towards the movie theather were they would meet Namjoon and one of his friends. "You should be glad that Jimin is not the jealous type..."-Melanie said still worrying about Jimin. "I am sorry, but I am really nervo-" "If it helps you feel better, I am also nervous"      Sam turned around and saw no other that Kim Namjoon smiling at her. "Hey don't forget about me!"       Another tall boy was behind him. "Nice to meet you, I am Jin"       The most handsome boy in the whole school was there. Sam never thought in a million years that she would be in a "double date"with him.    "Uhhh...should we get going?"-Namjoon asked as he put himself in the middle of you and Jin. "Yes, lets go"-Melanie said, just as surprised as Sam. -- ---- "I can't believe you are making me watch this"-Melanie said as she sat down next to Jin. "You are just scared"- Sam said, mocking her. "Don't worry, I will protect you"-Jim gave her as smile, one that she won't forget. "However..."-Jin continued. "Sam, you will be the one protecting Namjoon" Sam turned around and notice that Namjoon had  covered himself with his sweater, and trembling all around      Sam could not help but to smile, the "strong" guy, was nothing more than a goofball. And she loved that fact.      Namjoon found himself wanting to see more of her. ----- "I actually enjoyed tonight..." "I think that you enjoyed Jin the most" "Yeah... I think so..."       Sam stopped midway. After the movies, Jin and Namjoon offered to dropped them off at Sam's home, and so they accepted. "Melanie...you are not thinking what I am thinking, right?" "Sam...Jimin doesn't touch me anymore..." "That's no reason for you to break up with your boyfriend of three years..."-Sam tried reason with her, she knew she was making a mistake. "We don't talk much anymore..."-Melanie said with a sad face. "He is busy applying to universities..." "That's another thing... I won't see him after he leaves...and I dont want to cry myself to sleep again..."-Melanie was breaking in front of Sam, and she did not know any better what to say. "Melanie...Jimin loves you like crazy... he would do anything to keep you happy...You don't want to put in the trash all the time invested in your relationship,only because you are feeling ...needy..."-Sam tried to make it better. "Needy? You mean I am doing this because I am horny? I am feeling like this because I also need to feel loved!" "Melanie, what you feel will eventually go away" "What would you know? You had never had a proper boyfriend, and just because you had a date today, it doesn't mean that you know any better!"-Melanie stormed out of the house. Sam wasn't worried, they were neighbors and she knew she would be safe.    What she was worried about was about Jimin and Melanie's relationship. ---- --     Sam hasn't seen Melanie the whole day. She began to feel worried as the thought of her not going home crossed her mind. "Hey have you seen Melanie, she has my homework "- Yoongi asked. "No I haven't " "Are you ok?" "Yes, its just that..."       Then Sam remembered And she began to run towards the basketball court, leaving a very worried Yoongi following her around.    She entered the basketball court and as always, it was dark, Sam turned on her phone so she could be able to see better. Walking around, hoping not to find what she was looking for.  And she heard it Moans and gaps, cursing words and skin to skin contact. Sam was afraid, but she had to do it, behind the beanches she found what she was looking for.  But with someone different Kim Namjoon was in top of Melanie, his shirt was already on the floor along with her bra.    They both tried to cover themselves up, as guilty filled up their bodies. "You two are the worst... I guess you both are actually a great match"-Sam left the basketball court, not caring about the "please wait" or "I can explain". She just kept walking, leaving them behind. "Hey Sam, have you seen-hey what's wrong?"         This is the least person Sam wanted to see right now. Park Jimin gave you his signature smile. "Nothing, I was looking for Yoongi..."-Sam tried to fight the tears that wanted to scape her eyes. "I saw him looking for you right now... but please tell me, whats wrong? " "Nothing really..."-Sam tried to fake a smile in which Jimin seemed to believed it. "Ok..  anyways, have you seen the most perfect girl in the world around here?"-Jimk asked, with his raspy voice. "Who's that?"-Sam asked, of course knowing the answer. "Melanie, my girlfriend of course~"      And it pained Sam, because Melanie didn't deserve Jimin, and he didn't deserve this either. "Ah Jimin!" "Ah Melanie, I have been looking for you...where were you? You look like if you were running..You were in the basketball court?..."-Jimin asked preocupied. "Yeah, I was playing tag in the dark with, Sam and her boyfriend, Namjoon"- As soon as she finished saying that Namjoon walked out of the basketball court into the outside hallway. Running steps were heard and Yoongi also made his apperance. "I have been looking for you, Sam, don't disappear like that..."- Yoongi said catching up his air. "Shall we go Melanie?"-Jimin asked offering his hand to her and she accepted. Sam turned her head away from her. And after they left only the silence filled the hallway, the bell rang a long time ago, but they couldn't care less. "Sam...I..."-Namjoon began but Yoongi couldn't control himslef, as he saw the silent tear Sam let go. He punched Namjoon in the face, making stumble to the wall. "I told you if you hurt her, you were gonna pay!"     To be continued.... Want more? 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yah! kim namjoon WTH!!!! yoongi teach him a lesson please 😡😡
Okay guys, yeah Namjoon made a dick move.. But fkin Melanie CHEATED ON JIMIN
that is true everyone hug Jimin poor baby
That's fucked up bro!!!
Hmmm...trash for cute Korean boys in leather pants...yup that about sums me up!!😊lol But woah...Sam has a friend that's a slut bucket! Not cool! And with Joonie non the less! If I were you I'd rip her head off!!! Seriously tho! Wae??!!
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