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So @BBXGD is trying to kill us all. But thanks to @SarangRavi for giving me the idea of using different biases instead of my ultimate biases June and Jinhwan ( it would be impossible it still kind of is though)
So I decided to do my Second Biases yes Zico and Bobby are tied so this is still nearly impossible.
Who would you date and why? Well I would have to say Zico because he is older and he has been working his way into my heart for a long time now I love bobby but I would pick Zico.
If you could only save one from falling off a cliff, who would it be and why? Once again I would pick Zico because of his asthma ( not that he let's it get to hin and absolutely hates when people make a big deal out of it) I feel like bobby could save himself ( I'm sure Zico could mange but I'm super protective of Zico!)
Would you rather lose your memory of (Zico) or (Bobby)? I don't think I can answer this one!!! =( I would sadly say Bobby ( I'm sorry love!) Only because I love Ikon so I can fall for him all over again and June is the reason I got into ikon. Zico is the reason I got into block b so I don't want to lose that.
If they both have a concert the same day and they both want you there to support them. Who do you see? Well most definitely Bobby and Ikon sorry Zico but Ikon is #1 i still love you though.
If both proposed to you who would you say yes to? I would pick Zico but this ties back into conversations I've had about this with my mom xD ( long story short I always say if I could marry anyone from a kpop group it would be Zico)
@Dabaesaplayer I don't blame you lol I almost didn't πŸ˜‚ it's super hard to pick
hells no I ain't picking how do I choose from Hansolie and Jihoon. no way I ain't doing it, I'd push myself off the cliff instead from these questions making me pick one haha jk but I really can't do it
OMG wtf no I cant!
never doing it DX
@mrsjeon It's super hard!!!!
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