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Edges are a huge thing in the black community and the hair community in general. The more edges you have the better and the more edges you have, the better to slay and lay them. In order to lay your edges, you have the option to choose between some amazing edge controls on the market. In the video below, Yolanda Renee shows all the natural hair chicas her edge control collection and which one she think is the best for natural hair.

Do you use edge control for your edges?

If so, which one?
I might have to try your method, sounds pretty good!!! bees wax works great though @amobigbang
it's funny I tired all three of those and dis not like them. I found that they do not hold for the whole day a revert my hair back to its wavy form. I began using edge wax by bees wax and then I use this eco olive oil gel and brush them down and use a satin scarf to set them. I usually do this the night before.