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To the vinglers that helped me think of song recommendations for my prom: Thank you!!!!!!!! You guys really helped me out!!!!!!!! @nenegrint14 @xxMollxx @LizaNightshade @mrsjeon @EmmaJolie @primodiva93 @KellyOriane @Destiny98 @JackieG1617 @EmilyPeacock @ARMYStarlight @SerenityThao @AlyssaGelet818 @deilig @MeganEscareno @aliendestina @FalseLove @jennyyang143 @Kira9404 I know this is a really belated thank you but I really wanted to dedicate a card to you guys!!!!! My prom wasn't exactly as great as I thought it would be tho.... They only played three Kpop songs...
The first song that they put on, which I missed (it was at the very beginning and I was like an hour late 😂) was bad from infinite!!!
The second song the dj put on was boy in luv which I requested with a friend that also listens to Kpop!!
The last song was bulletproof!!! Which was epic!!! When the BTS songs came out my friend and I embarrassed ourselves on the dance floor... We were the only ones dancing, save for another friend that was trying to support us. I was really disappointed with the song selections, they should've put more Kpop songs, but at least we still got those three!! Sorry if I just rambled on... And I am sorry for this belated thank you!! I am also sorry for not posting a lot cards recently!!! I have been binge watching KDramas and going to school at the same time, it's difficult to manage my time...... Thank you!!! @BelenitaGarcia @PrincessUnicorn @ARMYStarlight @GDsGF @EmilyPeacock @winxclusive @jiyongixoxo @ElleHolley @ILikeHisFace123 @EverieMisfit @PrettieeEmm @jessicaacosta90 @ashleyemmert @krin @ExoandVixxtrash @deilig @mellyortiz @SerenityThao @VickyLe @primodiva93 @maryjayne13 @MomoChamie @purplehairedluv @externallyeli @MaricelvaRomero @ninjamidori @jessicalista @celeste2655 @BrendaPham @VioletaDelRio @Kira9404 @ChelseaGarcia @NellybugJohnson @JayRaider @CindyHolguin @SaraHanna @EniorehFrancois @143BTSTRASH @JiminsJams4 @orchiofriend549 @AnaP @HayleyYates @babysanchez1253 @ScarletMermaid @JessicaFerrier @SherryMo @LizzyRubyCiss @poojas @STRosario @jennyyang143 @RaquelArredondo @kpopandkimchi @kat121 @MeghanJorgina @kyky97 @Destiny98 @JerriLynnPope @addri @TLeahEdwards @SugaMint @KatieRussel @FalseLove @thekreviewer @myylifeisnow @Isolate @VictoriaBossier @BriannaN @ESwee @Sunnydaebak @SugaKookies @Ferbtheblerg @PaigeJones @anellsonbuell12 @Vay754 @AshleyLopez1414 @EsmeraldaCayeta @SarahHm11 @BridgetJara @nnatalieg @stevieq @SaiT @fallchild @MaritsaGil @dyotella @justcallmekyki @SoniaLopez1 @FannyWard @DaisyPhun @minimonkey07 @ChoHee1 @DonnaLykaRoxas @NEOisRealo @DJSaige @exobts947 @IsoldaPazo @P1B2Bear @awkwardjazzy @sosoaloraine23 @hyunsaeng638 @bryyyaanna @JackieG1617 @kee1999kee @EXOChanyeolOppa @Kpossible4250 @LizaNightshade @amandamuska @tiffany1923 @BlueMoon201 @Airess95 @selfishmachines @bubblekookie @MaryOsorio @EmilyGardner @MeganEscareno @JerriLynnPope @kanatm @thedopeshow1994 @tazneemhinnawi @AlyssaGelet818 @liannet27 @LinnyOk @resavalencia @dchapple45 @Izab3lla @xxMollxx @lollmbetter09
@SofiaFifi people really need to get educated with kpop bc ugh it's annoying or like just move and let me do it
still pretty cool they played some tbh my school for homecoming didn't even know one song my friend and i asked for it was all stupid ghetto music and I'm like WHY but tbh I agree they should of played more tbh
Well I'm at least glad they played a few songs! The most I could ever get out of my school is Gangnam Style... :/ (not that I have anything against Psy...cause I actually like that song~)
@mrsjeon Yes!!! At prom most of the songs weren't even in English, they were in Spanish!! So I'm like you guys can't understand Spanish but you'll play it anyway, so what's wrong with Korean?? Then again Kpop isn't as popular as Latino....
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