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I have never ever even watched seventeen until like months ago and I instantly fell in love with Jeonghan I can't believe I didn't watch them sooner but I just love him he is so adorably cute.
I'm glad my friend introduced me to seventeen I felt like I been in the dark forever but now it's light again Lol who else loves Jeonghan plz leave your comments of who you like from seventeen
Bonus for all of you I hope you leave some interesting comments @RochelleRose @EmilyPeacock @selfishmachines @Evieevelyn @UKissMeKevin @kpopandkimchi
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that HAIR😩❤✨
2 years ago·Reply
@woahdertierra ikr when my friend first showed me him I instantly fell in love with his hair and beautiful voice
2 years ago·Reply
@Winx9119 And his smile😩
2 years ago·Reply
@woahdertierra yes that's why I had to make this card everything about him is so perfect I love him to much
2 years ago·Reply
yoon jeonghan and Joshua.
9 months ago·Reply