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Say Yes: Titan Crystal Glove
Coming soon from the House of Emmanuele is this shocking Titan Crystal glove that is showing up EVERYWHERE on social media. It's a big deal that seems to be getting bigger and bigger--and it hasn't even made it to the website yet!
Can you see yourself in something as truly epic as this?!
It's made with authentic Swarovski crystal components. I can't begin to guess how much this will be. Hopefully, less than $1,000, but you just never know.
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you can never have enough glitz @jordanhamilton hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
Lol wise words!!!! Something Prince would say 💁🏽
2 years ago·Reply
That Titan Crystal Glove is epic!! Very nice but I could never see me wearing something like that.
2 years ago·Reply
I might wear this for all you folks out there that love it but not willing to wear it! hahahaha
2 years ago·Reply
loveeee It! the perfect accessory to feel like a princess
2 years ago·Reply