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The rest of the shoot goes off without a problem. You had been able to place a few phone calls and set up appointments by the time the director called cut for the day. There are only a few more days left of shooting, by the weekend your job would be done.
Moonie has to collect the outfits and get them sent out to be cleaned and pressed for the next day. You wander around the set just like the night before; fixing, replacing, and adjusting. You saw the group leave earlier, while it made you sad you are resigning yourself to facts and not fiction.
“Ready darling?” Moonie calls from the other side of the set.
“Yep, coming!”
You swing around to grab your bag and catch a movement to your left. As you glance over you would have sworn it was Kyungil standing there but no one is there now. You shake your head, smack it a little with your palm while walking over to Moonie.
“Why are you hitting yourself? ”
‘Hallucinating. You said you’re ready?”
“Lord yes! We need to swing by my apartment so I can change, is that alright? You look fresh as a daisy and I feel like a wilted petunia next to you.”
He takes your arm and leads you off the set, laughing.
At the bowling alley Moonie’s boys all greet you with hugs and kisses. A few notice the sadness in your eyes but are warned off by Moonie before they can say anything. You’re well into your second game when the rest of the nuthang’s start wandering in.
You knew Jiyong got back today but didn’t expect to see he and Jak. You wave from across the room and turn an accusing stare back to Moonie.
“This will take my mind off things? Make me feel better? If he walks in that door Moonie, I’m walking out.”
Moonie lets out a sigh,
“Baby girl I don’t know what nightmare you had but that boy loves you. No, don’t you laugh at me, I know these things!”
You grab your ball and head over for your turn.
“I may as well bowl before I’m forced to leave.”
While you roll a gutter ball, you see a couple of Moonie’s boys go over and confront him and wave their hands back at you. You smile to yourself, serves him right. He’s being just as delusional as you were; someone needs to talk sense into him. Your next ball rolls a spare and you can’t believe it.
“Woo!” you holler as one of the guys picks you up and twirls you around in. You can’t help but laugh; however, it dies on your lips when he sets you down and Kyungil is standing there.
You turn to head over to your seat but he grabs your arm.
“Can I talk to you a minute?”
“I’m a little busy right now; maybe you should text me later?”
“I’ve been texting you all day, you aren’t responding.”
You pull your phone out of your pocket and swipe it open,
“Oh. Would you look at that.”
You quickly turn to get away but he takes your hand and drags you off towards the hall with the bathrooms.
He backs you into a corner and starts, “Why are you doing this?”
“Why am I? Why are you? Look I’m sorry about work. I tried, but the director overrode you but I’m working on it okay? It should hopefully be fixed by tomorrow. And tonight? I didn’t know you were going to be here. I thought it was just an outing with Moonie and the guys, I had no idea it was a planned nuthang outing.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Staying out of your way, isn’t that why you’re mad?”
His forehead comes down onto yours and he sighs, “I’m not mad. I want to know why you are avoiding me.”
You pull back and look at him in disbelief.
“Seriously? Do you have like short term memory loss or something I’m not aware of?” He’s still just staring at you waiting for an explanation.
“Okay then, let me remind you of our conversation yesterday at my apartment. The one where you told me you couldn’t work with me and I was supposed to leave the set each day after checking it. Tried that today, the Director overrode you and it got me in trouble.”
“I remember what I said about work. Why are you avoiding me, the man, not the idol?”
“Pretty sure it takes someone attempting to talk to you in order for you to be ignored by them.”
He pulls your phone out of your back pocket, wiggling it in your face. “Twenty text messages, I count that as trying to get your attention.”
You grab your phone and put it back in your pocket. “I was also at work, somewhere you didn’t want me to be. I wasn’t in the mood to open text message after text message telling me to get lost.” You turn your head away and stare down the lady with a toddler, heading into the restroom.
As soon as the door closes, a hand turns your face back to his. He lowers his head to gently kiss your lips, “I don’t think ‘did you get any sleep?’ or ‘have you eaten?’ qualify as get lost.”
You look him directly in the eyes, “Well, ‘did you get any sleep you look like shit’ isn’t on my chart of actually being caring either.” He closes his eyes, giving you more time to respond, “Yep, I read them. Every single one, now if you’ll excuse me?”
As you try to push your way past him you hear him growl and your stomach tightens in response. Seconds later you’re wedged tightly between him and the wall, his mouth communicating with yours in the only way that makes sense. When you let out a small whimper of surrender, his lips become gentler, but no less hungry. The two of you break apart when you hear a cough from the lady coming back out of the restroom.
damnnn I'm getting it on!!!! damn lady why u gotta cough there's medicine ya knoe
Stupid lady! Ah, my sexy boy, we seem to almost make a scene anytime we're in public. My relaxing night just got a bit less relaxing, but I'm okay with it!
*sigh* We seem to communicate just fine if he doesn't talk and just uses his lips and body! Ooo that body! * drools* 😉
Im so glad this continued!!! tag me for future updates! ❤❤
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