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**********WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AHEAD********** *LATER THAT DAY* You stood besides him the whole time, Gripping onto his soft hand. He walks you back into the cafeteria to see Jenna standing there. Looking like the whore she is. "Hey there ching chong.." She mutters. "What do you want?" You asked. She ignores as she looks over at Jungkook. "So.. What's your name?" "Jeon Jungkook." He says. She smiles with a smirking like expression. "Jenna Jeon. I love that name." She snickers. *JUNGKOOK'S PERSPECTIVE* "Who says I'll ever be with you?" "I said so.." She seduces as she caresses my shoulder down to my hand. "Can you stop already? It's pretty obvious I have a girlfriend." I said. She doesn't listen. She just walks away with no care in the world. I stood there speechless thinking to myself, 'What'd just happen?' ***AFTER SCHOOL*** {Your POV} You were standing there as Jenna comes by with her slickish ways. "You know... You only like him because he's Asian right?" You made up a comeback {EXO's comeback tho I'm just sayin} "You know boys only like you because you're a fucking slut right? You know boys only get with you because you are easy and you like to sell out your body right?" She shoves you with anger in her eyes. "You know he thinks I'm hotter than you right? You know he only sees as you as a piece of shit right? You know Jungkook only got with you because he felt sorry for you right?" Jungkook walks in between you two. He looks over at Jenna with gruesome eyes. "Why are you such a cold hearted bitch? Breathing like you own the place." He grabs your hand as he sassily walks away. In the back of your head, You heard Jenna mumble out, "You got no jams." He turns and immediately screams without any hesitation "At least Min Yoongi finds me sexy!!!" She gets all butt hurt about it as she walks away. "Min Yoongi?" You concerned. Jungkook confesses, " Apparently I found out that Jenna has this huge crush on him..." In your mind, You thought to yourself, 'Great... Just fucking great.." He continues, "And apparently for awhile too. He doesn't know yet... I don't want to tell him but then I do." "I think that's cute she has a thing for Yoongi but she needs to work on her attitude. It ain't cute." "Yeah.... I'm going to talk to her I feel bad now... Do you mind if you talk to Yoongi? He is over at the gym." "I'll go. Bye Kookie love you!" You said. He smiles, "Love you too, Cutie." You walk over to the gym to find the guys playing basketball. Taehyung immediately looks at you with a HUGE smile on his face. "Hi (Y/N)!! What's up?" "Nothing much.. Where's Yoongi?" You asked him. Taehyung points at Yoongi sitting by himself listening to music. You walk towards him with a greet. "Hi Yoongi." "Hey (Y/N)..." He saddens. "What's wrong?" "Nothing is wrong. I'm fine. Thanks for asking." He corrects. "Well... I have to ask you something." He looks up at you with wonder. "What do you think about blonde girls?" He sits there thinking in deep thought. "Well... They're cute I guess. Some of them. And people think that blonde girls are stupid but that's not true. Some are smarter than me." "That's cool. What do you think about.... Jenna?" You asked. "I don't really like Jenna to be honest with you..." He says. "Why?" He sighs as he stands up. He looks down at you. "It's because she think she is so popular and stuff... She thinks that every boy likes her. But it's not true. I personally believe she's a slut." "I believe you but why?" You questioned. "I don't know.... She is just a homie hopper. Moving from guy to guy. " {Me with Topp Dogg xD} "That's true but maybe she is trying to find the one. Maybe when she does then she'll stay with him." "I doubt it." He sighs. You frowned as all the guys come over. "What's up girl?" Namjoon said. "Why the long face?" Hoseok wondered. "She's fine." Yoongi grunted. "Yeah I am." You smiled. Soon everyone turns their heads in stare of Jungkook walking into the gym. They all greet him with smiles and handshakes. He looks at you with a seducing smile that can kill millions at a time. "Aye Kookie what'd you up too? Wanna shoot some hoops with us?" Jimin asks. Jungkook looks at you with a begging plead. You nodded a yes. He runs in excitement for the basketball. You sit by yourself as Taehyung walks to you. "Hey you okay (Y/N)?" He worries. You nod. He frowns. He takes your hand as he looks into your eyes. "I don't care if Kookie is looking I need to know what's wrong and why are you asking Suga hyung those questions. I overheard. Suga isn't exactly the most quiet person." "I can't say. I would but sorry.. I just can't." You explained. "Alright." He sighs. You look into his eyes as he looks at the ground. You recognized a certain feature of his. His smile. You freaked a bit... 'OMG' You said in thought. ***FLASHBACK***

BOOM!!! Cliffhanger :DHoped you enjoyed :D

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