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Kai why did run away like that" a taller man approached with a black umbrella. His deep voice did not match his baby face and big ears Baekhyun thought he was very handsome and cute. She blushed how could she think that of a stranger. The man named Kai was still looking at her now he was soaked to the bone. "I'm sorry what did you just call me?" She finally realized what he said to her "Fény" he said and a smile broke out on his face "I'm sorry that is not my name" she said standing up "Chan it's Fény we found her after two weeks" Kai exclaimed to the other tall male who was just staring at her. She flushed feeling his eyes going up and down her body. "I'm not the person you are looking for. Now if you excuse me I have to get home" she said looking down trying to hide from both men staring at her. It was making her uncomfortable. "Right you have a human name now. Okay well I'm Kai and this big goof is Chanyeol. Your brother sent us to bring you home." Kai said pointing at himself and Chanyeol. "My brother?" She questioned "I don't have a brother. I was adop.." "Adopted." Kai said "yes I know he is your real brother and has been looking all over the galaxy for you." "Galaxy??" She asked "Look lets get out of the weather and talk about this" Chanyeol finally spoke. She was surprised but the deep voice that came out of him. She felt goosebumps go all over her body but she didn't know if it was from his voice or the rain that was now freezing her. "Look I don't want to talk to either of you" she said "I'm going home now and I don't have a brother I was left in the trash thanks for reminding nobody wanted me" she said turning to go home. Walking away as fast as possible she heard Kai trying to stop her but Chanyeol stopping him. She continued on her way home the rain falling even harder than before she was so confused first the whole brother thing and then she felt something from Chanyeol like she never felt before it was a weird pull telling her that she should trust a stranger for once in her life. She also felt a pull to Kai too but it was different more like a family kind of feeling. It scared her that strangers had this hold over her maybe she just needed to rest and then hopefully all would be normal tomorrow, but she knew she would never be normal she knew she was different she had this power no one she knew had this kind of power she had practice it in secret. She could take light away and make it in her hand she could blind someone if she wanted to but she never used it on anyone before. She also knew she was not full human cause every full moon she was change for the whole night also her "periods" only happened twice a year and lasted three weeks it was horrible she was needy and hot. When she first change she freaked out she was a beautiful white wolf bugger than normal wolfs but not by much. Reaching her apartment she sighed the full moon would be in a few days and it lasted three days on those days she would go camping to be out in the wild and away from people. She punched in key code for her door opening it up she walked into her studio apartment only to see two shoes that where way to big to be hers. Seeing the couch from the door she saw Kai and Chanyeol sitting there. "How the hell did you get in here?" She squealed. "Come sit Fény and I will explain to you about everything and your powers." Kai said patting the space between the two giants. "H. How do you know about that?" She questioned "Cause we are the same." He stayed "well not exactly the same I have the power of teleportation. And Chanyeol here is the phoenix or the power of fire." She nodded just looking shocked she didn't really believe but at the same time she was hoping it was true. "Look I know you don't believe what Kai just told you and we can show you if you like" Chanyeol spoke She just started at them with her month gaped like a fish out of water. "Okay I will go first" Kai said with a huge smile on his face. He reminded her of a cute puppy when he did that. He stood and the snapped his fingers the next second all she saw was grey smoke where Kai was standing she blinked for a second and then looked around her apartment for him "I'm over here"she heard his voice from behind her jumping from shocked she turned to see him behind her with a pairs shirt. Pairs has nice weather today" he stated like it was normal thing. "Okay Kai I think you showed off enough now my turn" Chanyeol said taking her attention immediately. Now looking at him properly she could see he was very sexy person his black hair styled back out of his face he was wearing a white v-neck shirt with a black blazer over and black skinny jeans his eyes felt like fire staring at her what she was not expecting was an actual fire in his palm glowing bright blue color the color like cold but she could feel the heat coming off of it it was warm just like his eyes that was when she noticed his eyes were now a red color when they where just a beautiful chocolate brown color. The fire in his hand down out she was in shock she just sat down on her grey couch not believing what she just saw. "You can do something like that too can't you Fény" Kai said kneeling down to face her "Please stop calling me that my name is Baekhyun. And yes I can." She whispered. "Come with us. Come back home Baekhyun you will be safe there." Chanyeol said sitting down next to her. Chanyeol gave off a protected feel at that moment trying to calm her down. "Your pack miss their princess" Kai said putting his hand on her cheek. At that moment she felt as she was home like she belonged the word pack made her heart race. Was she afraid of course she was but for once in life she felt wanted and loved she started to cry and nodded her head "yes please take me home"
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