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A must see!! Maxwell goes to the vet.
Maxwell the cockatoo doesn't want to get his nails done at the vet. Listen to him throw a funny tantrum! I think his previous owner had an old fashioned radio. It's the funny thing ever, I promise.
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LMAO WHAT IS HE EVEN SAYING. He sounds like a robot.
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Also the 1:45 mark is pretty much me when I'm pissed enough.
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@danidee The guy said in one of the videos that his last owner had an old radio. Those are the sounds he's imitating. Plus, the bird is super old. You can tell by his beak and eyes. Not sure what he's saying but it's hilarious!
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Bahahah, he's just sort of rambling.
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@danidee Lol, yeah馃槃馃槃
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