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I'm taken this pic using my hand phone.. so it's not really good.. anyways,,just wanna share this
@Yinofyang...kekeke..nope..not a few days more I guess..kekee...I will tell you when the result comes
@syairah12 Ah, did you finally get your results back? Was it okay? I hope so!
@YinofYang..sis!! kekeke..thanks for asking.. I don't know what to say about the exam..It has three of them is listening..but I can't really hear the conversation..They only put one small speaker and I'm sitting in the middle of the large hall..aigoo..don't know about the people sitting at the back..maybe they don't even hear short..quite okay
@syairah12 How did you do on your exam, dongseng? Did it go well? It's beautiful. I'm so glad you posted a picture of it.
kekeke..@oj1992..such a cute question..unfortunately nope..I never got the chance too..cause this is in my grandpa's village..I rarely go there..but I have seen the* tractor machine * I don't know the machine's name*..harvesting the paddy..not the days..
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