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As the great Yogi Berra used to say about slow starts "It's getting late early guys."
25 games into the season and the 8-15. New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman expects his last-place team to improve, but if it does not, there will be changes.
“I can tell you they are better than this,” Cashman said. “That is a fact. From an offensive standpoint, we finished second in the league in runs scored and the winter added Starlin Castro and Aaron Hicks. We are obviously better than this. That’s a fact inside the game or outside the game to the casual fan or if you are covering on the media. That is an answer that everybody would easily say. These guys are better than what they are showing.”
Right now, the Yankees offense needs to step it up. They have been stagnant all year. This puts a lot of pressure on the starting pitching and bullpen to play flawless.
This is a young pitching staff in the midst of a rebuild. This unit is supposed to be built on hitting, so they need to step it up.

Should Yankees fans begin to worry?

That's what happens when you give long contracts to old players. Gotta build from the bottom up!
Yeah....and it's not just this year. It's also next year.
Boooo Yankees! lol Yea Os!!! haha XD