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Don't know how late I am with this but apparently Tao has a YouTube channel named ZTAO. Its pretty new but he already realeased a MV teaser and the MV.
The song is called Road!! I ABSOULTELY LOVE IT. The piano was beatiful. Its been so long since I heard Tao's voice and it feels so good to hear it again. His rapping and singing goes so well with the song!
I still can't believe I'm so late at seeing this. From now on, I will be keeping an eye out on Tao.
Did you guys know about this?
I think he had another one a while back but it got deleted. Not that I keep tabs on him or anything...
The mv is so good!!!
*continues to obsess* Alright, I checked, and the other song (with an mv) is called Reluctantly. He also has a few other songs to such as One Heart, Yesterday, and M.O.M (there are more but off the top of my head that's all I can think of!) ...and, besides music, he did this thing with this adorable little girl *no clue what her name is anymore*, called "Charming Daddy" (I think), where he took care of her as if he were her dad~~ (trust me, if you like the idols with kids concept it is a must!)
I knew about this! He actually has had it since his first song <<Z.Tao>>, but SM took down that video due to copyright issues. *ughh* He also has that song that you had, one (very beautiful and depressing) song named Crown (it is a must listen...although beware...the video is sad...he gets beat up a lot...) and he has a song called "I'm the Sovereign" (which is my personal is so jam and amazing!!), and he also has another one...but I forget the name? But yeah...I watch all twelve of EXO no matter where they are :) I still actively support and love Lu, Kris, and Tao!
he has a couple of song our already
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