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Clash of kings!
Okay, I know Luffy hasn't officially been named Pirate King, but let's be honest with ourselves... he deserves the title, status, and rewards of the king of the pirates. That being said, if it was ever possible, I'd love to see who would be stronger between Luffy and Roger. We've seen Luffy's skills and abilities, and we know just how insanely strong he is without even trying. What we don't know, is how strong was Gol D. Roger at his peak? How many hundreds, if not thousands, of marines lost their lives trying to bring him down? How many immensely gigantic creatures were slain and devoured by Roger and his crew? Heck, he turned himself in to the marines, not only because they couldn't defeat him, but he just decided to. Whether or not it had anything to do with illness is speculative at best. So yeah... In a non-lethal brawl, who between these two would come out on top?
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i fight that would have gone down in history. thats a fight i would want to see
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are we talking about "in their primes" kinda thing because of that's the case it's Roger I think Roger could win even now because i don't think luffy could beat harp now so Roger when he was young and strong I don't think luffy could
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We all know he has that will of a king. A PIRATE KING. XD
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