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Allegedly, if you run far enough and hard enough, you reach this euphoric zone referred to as simply 'runner's high'.

Or, if you're anything like me, suddenly, out of nowhere, you really have to pee SUPER bad and you've jogged yourself a good half-mile away from an accessible toilet.

Have any joggers out there achieved a runner's high? Or have you just achieved leg cramps and sweat in weird places?

@danidee Lol yup. Boobs, arms, thighs...馃槂馃榾馃槂
Just leg cramps. Always leg cramps. Plus, nausea, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, embarrassing jiggling and sudden realizations.
One of the most important things in everything workout/fitness related is form. Always concentrate on the proper form at the beginning until it just goes into your reflex. After that, it's gonna be much easier for a long jog are any other type of workout.
@danidee it really does help with it. A couple of important things to note, don't let your arms go across your body. Just swing them at your sides, it will help a little with your breathing because it opens up the chest and it will theoretically help propell you forward. After that all you have to figure out Is how to relax the upper body while keeping good form.
@danidee No pain, no gain. Plus I hate giving up.
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