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Allegedly, if you run far enough and hard enough, you reach this euphoric zone referred to as simply 'runner's high'.

Or, if you're anything like me, suddenly, out of nowhere, you really have to pee SUPER bad and you've jogged yourself a good half-mile away from an accessible toilet.

Have any joggers out there achieved a runner's high? Or have you just achieved leg cramps and sweat in weird places?

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@TerrecaRiley What kind of books do you like to read?
right now, anything. I loved fiction but now I get to watch it so I don't read much of that. but I recently borrowed a book about forensic science that I pick up now and again
@TerrecaRiley My best friend Jen is obsessed with forensic science. That kind of stuff freaks me out. It's amazing how specific technology and science can get.
@danidee - 3 times a week. I usually jog every 2 days and do weight/resistance training the days between. Exception Sunday when I rest.
@emil89ec Niceeee, that's a pretty good regimen..