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One of my Korean friends just got married and their wedding photos are stunning! (The photos on this card aren't my friends' lol!)

I asked them how it was and my friend told me about the "new tradition" of "Seu-Deu-Meh"

스 - 스튜디오 (Studio)

(seu) - (seu-too-di-o)

드 - 드레스 (Dress)

(deu) - (deu-re-seu)

메 - 메이크업 (Make Up)

(meh) - (meh-ee-keu-up)

스드메 - The whole process of going to a wedding studio for your hair, make up, and dress to take really high quality wedding photos!

In Korea, weddings are a HUGE business and people spend a tooooon of money on making the day picture perfect.

The newest trend is to get really really dressed up and take "pre-wedding" photos in a studio so that the bride and groom-to-be look like models.

It reminds me of Taeyang's Wedding Dress :3

What do you think of this trend? Would you spend a lot of money on wedding photos in a studio?

If my future husband and I are just ballin' like that and that's the type of wedding he'd want then sure why not. But left up to me it'd be something simple but sweet and memorable ☺️☺️
i might if i actually had the money but weddings arent really very important to me ?? so idk if it would be worth spending so much
As long as they don't divorce after that its okay to me because marriage is something so sacret and pure feeling to both the bride, groom and family.
I think it's a really cute idea :)
I would when I get married. I want to go all out.
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