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Today I will continue with Jimin and I'm adding a few of my baby BamBam in honor of his birthday still.
First off let's take a moment to grasp how handsome he is. Park Jimin why must you do this to us? Second off his orange hair was my favorite era! Look at his signature peace sign over his eye pose, it's sooo cute! I even try it!
Let me transform to these cute selfies of him playing with his glasses. Like come on Jimin you are playing with my heart. 💙💙 Lastly his cute face with his eyes shut is beautiful and him taking pictures with his phone is always mt favorite!!
Look at BamBam. He is too grown up for my life. He is just a month older and looks so sexy in this selfie! The next one is a throwback of baby BamBam and his swag was outrageous and those lips my goodness!! Let me just kiss them!! Lastly is a picture he took of him with his hyung we all know Jackson 😊. They so cute!!!
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