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Choi jin hyuk shi sang dis song w soo much passion the is soo much pain in dis song i get caught up in it every single time i listen 2 it his voice is just zoo deep and zoo amazing i love choi jin Hyuk shi enjoy u all :) <3
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ooh by the way son like father both hot
@christy awe thnx 4 asking me abt shin dong wook he is recovering he wrote a letter 2 his fans saying dat he is doing well and recovering and i was soo happy after reading dat may allah alway always keep himhealthy ameen :)
yeah both kang chi and gu owl ryung both soo hot <3
u knw i am lready a huge fan lee seung gii but i was really happy and amazed 2 c such a great talent like choi jin hyuk shii :) <3
he is amazing