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You've been married to this hard working man for a few years. How would the house look?
It's fairly simple in design but still big enough to flaunt his money.
A beautiful neutral nature inspired living room for family time.
A beautiful blue kitchen big enough for you to feed anyone who might come over. The smug proof stainless steel and granite countertops were your idea.
The room you both share is very simple with only black and white. (Imagine the bed bigger)
Your first born is a beautiful little girl. Yoongi insists on naming her so you let him. Her name is BoMi (universal beauty)
She's just enough girly without you getting a headache from how much pink she wants. When she grows up she wants to travel like daddy.
He insists on naming his first boy son too. JoonGi (Rising Talent) and he tells you no more because he's to busy and having to travel. You insist on at least one more baby though. He may only want two but you really want three.
Your cutie little boy loves color. He also really loves music and loves playing on his keyboard. You let him no matter how annoying it can be.
You finally win him over and he agrees to one more baby. He could never resist you. You go through everything like the last two and everything seems fine.
He about faints in the delivery room when two come out. He only agreed to one more but nature had other plans. You insist on naming these two beauties yourself. Luna and Sola
You have to make a few changes to the baby room seeing as they mistook the other baby's arm for a male part. Your two little girls will be okay with a pink and blue room. Who says you have to have one or the other.
the first thing I thought of when you said the twins names was Mamamoo's Moonbyul and Solar
awe so cute!
so cute
@SugaOnTop I figured that's what you were going for. ☺
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