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Jhope is my sunshine through anything. When ever I have a bad day i looked up pictures of him and my day is better in seconds. At first I thought he was a vocal that turned into a rapper. Yeah I thought wrong.
This young man is the sunshine of my day. Not just mine but every one else as well. His high cheek smile. Just looking at those photos above my day has gotten brighter along with my smile getting bigger as I write this.
Along with his smile I love how he does aegyo. That brings a smile to everyone when ever he does this. Just him doing aegyo but with him being funny in general. The video explains it all by just watching it. Its hard to believe that he had a tough image before her debuted. He is just to much of a sunshine.
I love to dance and when I see Hobi get into it I cant help but love on he does so well. When ever he uploads a video on V app and I just cant help enjoy learning from his dance. I know there are a lot of others that are good but to me Hobi is the best. When he dances though he gets into it as if he is in his own little world.
Now the reason why I thought Hobi was a vocal, was from the song "Like" (which is one of my favorites) However that thought changed upon hearing We Are Bulletproof. However I think he would be good at being a vocal. That is my opinion and you can agree if you like. I have also noticed from when Bangtan's debut to now, that Hobi has improved a lot with his rapping skills. "Ma City", again my opinion, shows that he has improved. However there are times when Hobi and Yoongi are rapping they sound so much the same. On the video which is Ma City live from HYYH. At 1:53 that is when Hobi starts rapping and that is my favorite part within the song. The whole song is good and i love it, but at the part is my favorite. Also when he is rapping with Namjoon and Yoongi he has so much fun on stage. This is one out of many reasons why I feel for Bangtan. Is that there is more then just one rapper. The next video, Killer Cypher, I love watching love. Just watching the boys have so much fun on stage.
Besides the being the sunshine and awesome rapper. I love it when Hobi isn't afraid to show us on what he is feeling. The first video I watched just to get to know Bangtan, was the video if Hobi crying as it was his birthday Yeah I still cry when I watch it. I hate to him cry but at the same time the tears could be happy tears. However I do wish that Hobi wouldn't cry this year or any year at that fact. Though do know that it won't happen as they are having a concert within 3 days. So Hobi keep that sunny smile bright and don't dry anymore.
What a great way to start off my morning.! 😌 Such a ball of sunshine!! 😊😊
Hobi is beautiful :) Hobi is life :) Hobi is the person that makes my day better :)
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who confuses Suga and J-Hope's rapping voices.