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Anyone love Miraculous? I love Chat Noir, personally... Sorry it's not Japanese, though.
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@AdinaMudd And figure out each others identities!!!
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yesssss!!!! @MerrileeBark
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Miraculous, simply the best, up to the test when things go wrong........ OMG I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!! I even made my own lyrics for the song: Yeah, I'm a cat a sneaky brat and I'm badass yes I'm that cool I have a crush on ladybug cause she is so hot and incredible oh oh oh I have green pretty eyes oh oh oh and sassy blonde hair oh oh oh but no one can find out who I really am! I know, I know, It's weird, but true
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@Mikazuki1 Haha nice! *high fives*
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@MerrileeBark *high fives back*馃槀馃槀
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