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No-Churn Nutella Ice Cream [Yes, I'm Craving Ice Cream]
Visit the Noshing Bride for more fun recipes! "The famous Nigella Lawson was recently on NPR to discuss Valentines day noms to make for your special someone. She spoke of a no-churn espresso ice cream recipe and my ears perked higher than my dog’s when she hears the word “treat”. Both Jonah and I are avid ice cream eaters (it’s a hard job), so I was excited by the idea of making homemade ice cream without spending a ton on an ice cream maker. Mrs. Lawson swore by this recipe and I had to give it a try, adding my own tweaks of course. I was doubtful at first. I was afraid the final product would come out more moussey or runny than traditionally made ice cream, but man was I wrong. The texture and taste was exactly like parlor ice cream, with just the slightest bit of velvetiness, similar to gelato. This is a life-changing recipe! I’m already brainstorming for other unique ice cream flavors to experiment with. Oh the possibilities! Ingredients: 10.5 oz heavy cream 6 oz sweetened condensed milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tbsp rum (optional) 3 tbsp cocoa powder ¼ cup Nutella Directions: Whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form, mix the rest of ingredients in with the cream. Pour into airtight containers and let it freeze for at least 6 hours before serving. That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeasy!"
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@YinofYang seriouslyyyy these adys i was obsessed with cold stoneee and i would just put everything in thereeeeee :D
4 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 You know Cold Stone?! Do they have them there?
4 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang yeah!!! it's my all time favorite..even though makes me SUPER fat! I loved the birthday cake extravaganzaaaaaa! or the strawberry one with banana and cheesecake!!! which one is your favorite??
4 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 Omg, the strawberry one with bananas, sooo good. Chocolate Devotion and Berry Berry Berry Good are some of my favorites there. They're creations are soooo sinful.
4 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang and we connect againnnnnnn! seriously we should be closer on our next lifeeee so we can actually get to meet and cook and stuff! so you and @cheerfulcallie get to teach me how to cook!!!! :3
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