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I know it is late but I couldnt let this day past without saying Happy Birthday to my baby BamBam!! Our little baby is literally going growing up now, yes here lately he has been acting all grow up, but now he is. So let's show him so love!!
Look at how cute he looks in this red little jacket, I love how all of them look in these jackets but I think he looks really cute and honestly he makes me want one too. I also like his hair too just something about his hair looking all wet and wild gives me shivers.
I absolutely love these photos damn BamBam you are one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. Lol I thought all of the boys look a little cute and funny as girls but again I think he takes the cake.
Happy Birthday to my baby, I love you and I am so thankful that a wonderful and talented boy was born and that I get to celebrate your special day with you, let's celebrate together for long time??? Also no matter how sexy and grown up you get you will always be my baby!
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the baby with the dirtiest mind 😂💜
@AlyssaGelet818 of course i will tag you
OH MY GOD HE IS THE EMBODIMENT OF EVERYTHING CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL...I love him so freaking much~~ (Also can you please tag me?)
@PrettieeEmm right!!!
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