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This month is important to millions of people and is important for millions of other to learn. This disorder can not really be treated with medication and that makes it very dangerous. someone you know may have it and not be aware of it.
many people who have this are treated as being taboo due to its hard nature to treat.
getting diagnosed is very important for many reasons
many who do not have this disorder due not understand what it is like.
people who have borderline are their own worst enemy. seriously they are more of a danger to themselves than anyone else. they are so hard on themselves
just cause you have it does not mean you need to be ashamed. its not their fault. BPD is caused by server childhood neglect, all forms of abuse, and trauma.
Why am i able to say all this. Because i have BPD and over two years ago i spent 7 months in the hospital for treatment. There is hope. We cant fight it alone. We need at least one person to stay by us and help us fight. no matter how bad we get or what we say, remember we cant control it, 9 out 10 times we don't even know we are doing it. We need help protecting ourselves form ourselves.
The next someone seems upset and gets overly upset, just take the time to talk to them. knowing one person cares at any time helps and keep us on tract to get help. Spread the word and help educate people. do research and reach out to someone. You may just save a life of person who no body knew wanted it to end
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i recently learned it takes just one person the right person to help make the violent urges go away... its not easy having this and its not easy for the one you are with but if you make it through there aint no stronger love