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specifically dedicated to @crystalguerra since you requested Zico.. hope you enjoy it even though it has another rapper in it too
You were struggling to keep your cool. Huffing in frustration, it was like your head was going to explode. “This stupid game!” You yelled, trying to stab your phone with your finger. Hearing a chuckle behind you. Causing you to look up at your phone and at the person now sitting beside you. “Hey Jooheon” you smiled “What’s are you screaming and stressing about?” He asked, noticing the phone in your hands. Telling him about the game and the mere heart attacks it was giving you; he chuckled and took the phone from your hands. Beginning to play and win the game that you had been terrorizing over for the past few days. “Everyone’s stressed about the next round and your worried about this game… Here” he stated handing the phone back over to you. Looking at the game, you noticed he had beat your high score multiple times. You seethed inwardly. How? You thought. But then another thought hit you. The next round! You had completely forgotten; you were passed into the next round. “Shit!” You cursed, Jooheon’s eyes narrowed making them invisible; a questioning look on his face. Before changing to a knowing expression. “You forgot~” he cooed. And you glared at him because he figured it out. Show Me The Money wasn’t just any show. It was the show; the show where rap artists could prove themselves. And I just happened to be on it; being one of the only girls this season to actually pass and be on a team. Regretting the moment I did so. Choosing Zico & Palo Alto’s team wasn’t exactly what you expected but you respected them musically, so much. If it wasn’t for your new friend Jooheon, you wouldn’t have known what you would’ve done. “Yeah I forgot and on top of that Zico wants to hear my rap before we go on stage” you began pulling at your hair. “Which is about in an hour” he stated. Your eyes opened wide. “You didn’t prepare anything~” he said. Right again. You had been so preoccupied that the past four hours had just been you and your game. “Y/N!” You heard in the distance. Breaking you from your semi panic induced state; to a full on panic the moment you saw Zico’s face. Shit! You screamed internally. … He was hovering over you; watching every move. Trying to spit out whatever rap you could form in your head. But it all sounded like crap. Normally you were good at this; really good. But his expression made you nervous. Though most of it was hidden behind his shades, you felt his eyes piercing through the lens. He put a hand up; stopping you mid rap. “Do you know why I called you in here?” He stood up, stuffing a hand in his pocket; and the other moved across the back of your neck. Pushing your hair to the other side. His hands spread across the edge of the chair and you began to feel his breath on your ear. “You’re really something else” you could hear his tone drop to a husky whisper. The sound and feeling sending a shiver down your spine. Your mind was spinning with thoughts. You cleared your throat; and you heard a chuckle from him. “W-what do you mean?” You questioned. Not knowing what exactly his intentions were at this moment. You could sense the feeling in the room change. There was something different laced in the air. “You’re special…” He hummed, his voice husky. His lips barely grazed your neck. You secretly begged for him to place them on your skin. But instead his tongue darted against the hollow of your neck before placing a soft kiss; and a extremely shaky whimper escaped your lips. “What the hell!” you heard someone yell behind you. Causing both you and Zico to turn around. Noticing a tempered Jooheon staring at the both of you. He slammed the door behind him, and stalked towards the both of you. Lifting yourself off the sofa and polishing your clothes. Feeling a bit out of place at the moment; feeling as if you left yourself too open to your supposed mentor. “It’s nothing Jooheon, lets go” you rushed to him. He was your friend but you could tell that he liked you. And you really didn’t want this to upset him; because you liked him too. “Uh-uh” you were caught by the wrist, and pulled into Zico’s chest. “Stay right here sweetie~” he hummed in your ear. His tone making your shiver down below. “D-don’t do that!” Jooheon demanded. “(Y/N) come with me now!” “Why? You’re not her boyfriend!” he exclaimed. And he was right. It’s not like you were dating anyone of them actually but. They seemed to both be very possessive of you in this moment. And you were giving into every one of Zico’s commands especially. You snatched your body away from him and stepped away. “And neither are you!” you stated, noticing a smirk hit Jooheon’s face. You crossed your arms and glared at both of them. “Are you seriously choosing this guy over…” his hand motioned down his body. Gosh he was so cocky, but it was secretly cute to you. “I… no.. I” you couldn’t form a proper sentence. In reality you had come to adore and admire the both of them. The were both very special to you. “Are you doing what I think your doing?” Zico stated, pulling his glasses down the bridge of his nose to look at you with wide eyes. “I think she is hyung… I told you this would happen” Jooheon said, half smirking half glaring. You couldn’t help but look confused. They were spewing nonsense at this point. “You did; you did say this would happen. What do we do now…?” Zico answered. Jooheon shrugged his shoulders in response; but his eyes stayed move to you. “What do we do now (Y/N)?” he asked. You couldn’t figure out what either of them were conversing about. “What the hell are you idiots on about?” you spat. Earning a smile from both of them. It was silent for a while before you expression changed and you grimaced. Getting annoyed from them not answering your question. “We are not leaving here until you choose” Jooheon finally spoke. “Choose what?” you looked at the both of them extremely bewildered. But you were quick to realized the true intention of this whole thing. “You know…” Zico cooed. Taking your attention away from Jooheon for the moment. He was right; you did know what they meant. But how could they make you choose; you both cared for them equally. This was just cruel for them to make you come to a decision at this moment; on this very day. “Why are you guys doing this… I can’t choose” you sighed heavily. Hoping that statement would make them back off. But that only made them pester you even more. Comments like, “Why can’t you choose, "How could you not choose”, “It’s obviously me”; were thrown at you from each of them. You shook your head in disbelief. “How could you two plan this? And why should I choose either of you?” There was a another long pause… “I guess you’ll just have to choose after this…” You heard Jooheon say before trudging towards you. Wrapping a hand behind your neck, he held you firmly in place. You could feel his breath on your lips; the small moment of hesitation from him. Before you felt his lips on yours. The way they move against yours; making your body tingle once his tongue slipped past your lips. His other hand pulled you close, caressing your backside. You body began to feel like lightening. Excitement grew in your chest and you couldn’t control your hands. But before you could grip onto Jooheon; he lips were detached from yours. You heard a quick “choose this” from Zico. But you weren’t even able to open your eyes and pout; before another pair of lips were placed on yours. They were clearly not Jooheon’s. They were more plump but slightly harsher than Jooheon. The kiss was more aggressive but needy and extremely laced with lust. When he pulled away you whimpered slightly. You stood there for a moment processing everything that just happened and everything that was about to. Inappropriate thoughts flowing through your mind. When your eyes opened, they both stood there; waiting and expecting an answer from you. You looked at the clock hanging above the door; taking note of the time. Waltzing to the door you held the handle and clicked the lock. “You have 35 minutes” you stated, slowly walking towards the both of them. Holding the hem of your shirt in your hands. “F-for what?” Jooheon asked. Lifting your shirt over your head and tossing it to the floor, your fingers now moved to the button on your jeans. You could see both of their eyes go wide and you could help but smirk; noticing a bulge began to show in both of there jeans. “To help me choose~” you stated placing a hand on Jooheon’s chest, walking past him and towards the sofa. You turned around and pulled your jeans off slowly; make sure to give them a little show. They both rushed over to your side and you were caught by there lips; if it wasn’t Zico it was Jooheon. Your head was becoming dizzy from the lack of oxygen. Zico was quick to reach behind you and try to unclasp your bra; but you pulled him away with a smirk. You pouted your lips at the fact that they were still fully clothed. You spread your legs to give them a little show as Zico bit his lip from the sight of the wet spot now on your panties. Coming towards you to rip them off. But you quickly closed your legs shaking your head side to side. “Uh-uh; clothes… off… now” you demanded. “Damn she’s so sexy when she’s demanding!” Zico stated. “I know” Jooheon answered. Now both standing there with there boxers on. Zico tried to go for your panties again but you held him back with your foot. “All of it” you smirked. “Shit. Fine” they both complied and they were left completely naked in front of you. The sight making you dripping wet. “Fine are you happy?” Zico asked. You nodded your head as, yes. Zico reached for your panties and practically ripped them off. Zico crawled up to meet your lips taking your bottom lip between his teeth. Jooheon settled his face between your legs; leaving light kisses between your thighs. You anticipated what he would do next. He met your womanhood and you could feel his hot breath on you. Causing you to become more and more wet. “Damn your already so wet” he exclaimed. “Don’t tease” you stated. Feeling the burning from all the lack of contact on your center. He looked up at you and smirked. “Not until you choose me” he demanded. “What! N- no ooh” you started but your no came out as a moan; as he brushed his tongue along your slit. “Say you choose me or I won’t continue” Jooheon stated. “Your cheating!” Zico exclaimed. You hissed and groaned but thinking about how you really wanted him to continue “Fine! Jooheon I choose you! Now will you please just

I was not expecting this~ I am in much need of some water and a cold shower XD
@PrettieeEmm at least it will give me time to prepare some holy water, crosses and cold showers haha
Everyone needs a near death experience every now and then lol. @PrettieeEmm
@SaraHanna namjoon,zico,mino
@PrettieeEmm dude, your going to kill me /~\
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