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pray for dis lovely oppa everyone as he battles his disease may allah give him strength and he recovers faster ameen sumeen i really missz u oppa fighting <3 :) Shin Dong Wook is Continuing to Positively Battle His CRPS Actor Shin Dong Wook has let fans know he’s still courageously and positively battling his disease. Previously, Shin Dong Wook made headlines after it was reported he was battling CRPS, a serious disease with symptoms that include extreme pain, swelling and changes in the skin. In the January 16 episode of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, the entertainment news show gave an update on the actor who has been battling the disease since 2010. As a medical expert on the show reiterated, CRPS patients feel continual pain beyond anything one could possibly imagine and commonly experience pain at the highest level on a pain scale of 16 levels. As the show reported, since recently catching the attention and well wishes of the public, the actor recently posted pictures and wrote an update through his fan café saying, “I’m currently going through rehabilitation therapy. I will make sure to return as an actor as though nothing happened.” The included pictures showed the actor remaining in positive spirits as he continued to valiantly battle his illness. ACTOR SHIN DONG WOOK SENDS LETTER TO FANS REGARDING HIS ILLNESS After revealing that Shin Dong Wook has a rare and incurable disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS), the actor wrote a letter to his fans to comment on the issue. The letter, titled ‘Thank you and Sorry’, read: ‘As I was reading heartfelt and encouraging messages from you guys, I gained strength, but I feel very sorry as well. I promised as I enlisted that I would come back healthy… To listen to your encouraging words while suffering from a disease, I feel as though I couldn’t keep my promise, and I’m very sorry from the bottom of my heart.’ Shin Dong Wook continued: ‘I am thinking and accepting of it as another incident and task in my life as I am fighting through it. I’m diligently getting treatment and receiving a lot of love, and I feel like I can come out in front of everyone tomorrow with a smile on my face. No, it will be like that. I will promise you that once again.’ ‘I feel as though I have become a burden for those hardworking soldiers by receiving attention for getting sick while serving my duty as a citizen like everyone else.’ He concluded: ‘To be recognized and encouraged for being a little sick just because I am an actor, I don’t know how to handle myself. I am becoming better with treatment and rehabilitation. No, It will get better. I will work harder, so I can get back to acting as if nothing happened in return for all the love and support.’
Prayers going or way. Amen...
@mheekell u prob d k him bcs his shows was in 2007 6 8 -10 but he acted really good in all shows I love soulmate and stars falling from sky they r great and also pray for him to get well soon
@mheekell he acted in shows stars falling from sky ,soulmate , money warfare the most love was soulmate back in 2008 his last show was stars falling from sky in 2010 and after dat he got enlisted 4 the army and was discharge in few months bcs unfortunately he was convicted w the CPRS and he is,been fightin it since then I pray he recovers,soon the disorder is scary and painful and they say it has no cure :-( :'( but he is fighting it and thankgod he is recovering I pray he gets well faster AMEEN Sum Ameen
I don't know this actor? What kdrama he made before? His good looking too eh..
we pray for him to get well soon ....inshaallah !!!!
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