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I don't remember my chihuahua being this bad. However, maybe it's because dachshunds have a much keener sense of smell, but my current dog goes nuts every time she smells another dog on me.

I'm sorry. I cheated. But I still love you more, okay?

Lmaoo can't stop laughing!
@katekendrii Bahaha, is this your pet too?
I have 5 dogs, 2 mediumish/large and 3 small. there is a stray town dog that I have been taking care of since I moved in (story has it that since his owner died a few years back, he left his caretakers and just wonders around town taking handouts and settings where he can get them). I call him Buddy. my little dogs don't care but my Sinatra will sniff me silly every time I come back inside from tending to Buddy!
lol my cat does this every time i leave the house xD doesnt matter if there were other cats she gets mad at me. "oh there were others there?! you gave them your attention instead of me?! CHEATER!!!"
@danidee Yessss totally my pet dog!! He's name is ramen and gosh this reminds me of him!
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