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Again I know it is late but I wanted to post for you guys and plus I feel like I haven't done any cards for Mark lately ,but I'll be on top of it from now on.
First off I just want to say that Mark looked hot as hell during this performance. The blonde hair already had me tripping me and then the way he looked in that outfit just went and killed me. Honestly I love watching Mark dance because I feel like he is just so smooth and he makes everything sound everything. Like...could you stop trying to kill me.
Lastly yall know I had to add a little Markson at the end, still cute and romantic as ever....I think tomorrow I'll post my first ever Markson one shot for you guys when I finish! Hope you guys have enjoyed this!
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@Bangtandoll lol right! @luna1171 I felt attacked attacked I just kept watching it over and over again @PrettieeEmm so so so so sexy and i am not ready
@AaliyahNewbell and there so many moments where you can clearly see he is surprised or a WTF?! expression towards the others haha... but Now who knows Bae has changed a lot.. he is not the shy boy anymore.. that that is Jackson's work..I believe lmaoo @PrettieeEmm
@luna1171 Mark was not ready at all when YoungJae said of my favorite moments ever
@PrettieeEmm lmaoo.. he will try to be careful I think lol remember when YoungJae said JB was his man..Mark's expression on his face.. hahaha. @AaliyahNewbell
@AaliyahNewbell soon he'll start making dick jokes like Bambam @luna1171
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