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This video takes men and women from all different countries and showed them a few pictures of men and women to gauge their reactions.

The were showed stereotypical types of women such as "skinny models, hipsters, curvy women, and conservatives." They then looked at model, muscular, hipster, etc guys with the same group!

Here's what went down:

What are Men Physically Attracted to?

What are Women Physically Attracted to?

Literally EVERYONE had a different opinion on each "type" of girl.

Proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that you should just focus on being you, not worrying about being everyone's dream guy or girl!

You know, I don't really know if i have a type. I've dated around, I've seen a lot of different types of women, I've gone through a lot of crowds and nationalities. Thanks to my college's transfer program, we get a lot of Asian and Saudi Arabian people. I will say I do find some things.... I don't want to necessarily say "MORE attractive" or that I WANT or look for, because they are by no means something that is a decision maker or breaker, nor would I use it as a deciding factor. I suppose my only real initial, easily available deal breakers are as follows: smoking (anything)/doing any type of drug or wearing less than respectable clothing. I wouldn't really care, and don't, if the clothes are unironed or if they don't match, but if you're wearing nothing but short shorts where your buttcheeks are flopping out and I can read both pairs of lips, then that's bad. I'm not saying don't do that or dress that way, but that's just not for me. Typically, I enjoy women who are only slightly taller or shorter than me, or the same height. I think the similar height feels better when hugging, holding hands, taking pictures, dancing, cuddling and during sex. I will admit that I tend to gravitate to slimmer/more petite girls, as opposed to amply curved ones, but i have nothing against it. Not to be weird, but I've dated girls from 32A cup all the way to 36D. I've dated girls from 4'9" all the way to 6'1" (Keep in mind that I"m usually between 144 and 158 pounds and I"m 5'10"). I've dated natural redheads, blondes and brunettes as well as their fake counterparts. I've dated girls with red, blue, grey, white, pink, orange hair. I've dated with piercings, tattoos. Hipsters to dressy to conservative to slutty to professional to nerdy to cosplay to each week was a mystery lol I've only dated a few nationalities, but I'd like to expand that, if rational to do so. I have a certain weakness to Russian and Ukranian and a few middle eastern areas haha Thinking about it, I don't really go for the out and out BEAUTIFUL model types. I prefer the quiet attractiveness. Oops, I've kind of lost track of my point lmao Well, this is what popped into my mind when I saw this haha I should probably pay attention in class hahaha ttfn XD
@sophiamor we men are quite simple
this is definitely eye opening. while most people have a specific 'type', not everyone is looking for the same thing. like you said, just be you. '
bam proof. don't be plastic to get attention. just be you and be the best you you can be. and always be open to getting to know the other person. you may be suprised who you meet
i don't go for a type but more for a good personality.
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