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This video takes men and women from all different countries and showed them a few pictures of men and women to gauge their reactions.

The were showed stereotypical types of women such as "skinny models, hipsters, curvy women, and conservatives." They then looked at model, muscular, hipster, etc guys with the same group!

Here's what went down:

What are Men Physically Attracted to?

What are Women Physically Attracted to?

Literally EVERYONE had a different opinion on each "type" of girl.

Proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that you should just focus on being you, not worrying about being everyone's dream guy or girl!

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honesty, faithfulness, sincerity,caring, compassionate, and a good sense of humor. good morals and ambition is also a plus
this is definitely eye opening. while most people have a specific 'type', not everyone is looking for the same thing. like you said, just be you. '
I am starting to think that having a specific type is unnecessary, u have to know the person instead of just sticking with TYPE. U just gotta keep an open-mind, u never know what is gonna happen , u might just like them
but..I am my dream girl
i don't go for a type but more for a good personality.