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One of my friends asked me if I wanted to meet up at 11 AM last Saturday, and I was just like, "Wow, that's like the weekend equivalent of dawn."

Please tell me I'm not the only one who hibernates like this.

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@CrystalBlunt really?? Did you move super far? Or just within town?
@danidee same city but since we got a lot of stuff I had to get up early and went to bed late. no naps or anything and dealing with whiney grown men who complained more than my grandma and kept talking shit
@CrystalBlunt LOL GUYS ARE TOTAL WHINERS. It's totally true. They always think we do it, but they're super wimps.
@danidee I haven't heard grown men whine that much since last time I saw my dad sick. my baby cousin whines less. hell, I whine less when I'm tired (and I whine A LOT when I lack sleep cause my mood and emotions fly)
@danidee Oh yes! I'm gonna try this weekend, especially since I've been feeling under the weather. Sleeping all day will do me good