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Okay so I've been looking at different types of Reactions as well and I loved them so not only will I be posting Fake Texts/Snaps but I will also be posting some Reactions as well :)

Past KPOP Reactions:


*blinks at you a few times, not sure what’s going on, taking a while to really register what’s going on & trying to seem awake, whispering in his sleepy voice that he’s too tired to do anything tonight & patting your head*


*looks at you for a moment when you finally manage to wake him up, but you don’t know whether he was actually awake or if he just opened his eyes in his sleep, before rolling over & continuing to sleep like a rock*


*gives you a sleepy nod, trying to look more awake being so still that he looks like he’d fallen back asleep, but grabbing your arm when you try to leave & giving you a sleepy smirk before pulling you closer*


*pretends to be dead asleep, though you know that he’s not, even fake snoring so that you’ll leave him be, peeking at you to see if you’ve gone to sleep & denying he was awake the whole time when you catch him*


 *groggily agrees to whatever you woke him up for but by the time you get started, he falls asleep sitting up*




*looks around, confused at first because he felt your hands in his sleep, dazed & extremely confused as you touch him again, but doesn’t stop you because he’s still unsure of what’s happening & he just goes with it*


*pretends to fall asleep every time you start something, purposely making you wake him up eat time & smirking at you when you finally catch on to his game, giving you a smug grin when you look annoyed*


*looks at you with such a serene & angelic expression that you give him a smile, but he places his hand over your entire face & pushes you away, then violently rolls over with a huff before going back to sleep*


*tries to convince you that he’s totally awake, thinking you wanted to talk because he didn’t understand what you were saying & just smiles while staring off into the distance once he realizes what exactly you had in mind*


*looks like he might murder someone (probably you) because his beauty sleep was interrupted & he was having a good dream, growling anytime you ask him something & rolling his eyes at the thought of being awake*


*almost immediately looks wide awake, aside from yawning a few times, watching you like a hawk as you get closer & closer, no hesitation in his eyes as he throws himself at you as soon as you’re close enough*
Sooooo which one was your fav reaction and why??? ;) Lol

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That look on Sehun's face!!!🙈💀
Xiumin's hands down is the best, followed by Chen and Lay. Kris was like hell naw, to the naw, naw, naw!!!!
@Lexxcisco Sehun's reaction is why he gets special bubble tea 😂😂😂 and the throat punch lol
galaxy fanfan because let's be real, that be me haha although Chen and Xiumin made my heart flutter lol
chen, lay , sehun and xiumin best reactions hands down
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