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This talented group is called Teen Top. They are a six member group under Shinhwa Andy's company TOP Media. They debuted on July 9th, 2010 with the song Clap. Some of their other most popular songs include: Supa Luv, No More Perfume On You, Rocking, and Ah-Ah. They are a very talented group, who have powerful vocalists and they all are amazing dancers known for their killer footwork. They put a lot of effort into what they do in order to produce the best they can for the fans. The fanbase are called Angels and their color is pearl light lavender.
Their most recent song is called Warning-Sign. This song is from their most recent (mini) album, Red point. The album six songs: Warning Sign, Please Don't Go, Don't Drink, Day, Liar, and Day after Day. Most of the songs in the album are composed by the members themselves. (For example: Day is written by Changjo, Liar is written by Niel, etc.)
Stage Name: C.A.P. Real Name: Bang Minsoo Position: Leader, Main rapper Other Tidbits: meme, very silly, can freestyle rap well, dad of group
Stage Name: Chunji Real Name: Lee Chanhee Position: Lead vocal, Visual Other: good(ish) at aegyo, power voice, adorable high pitched laugh, mom of group
Stage Name: L. Joe. Real Name: Lee Byunghun Position: Lead rapper, visual Other: fluent(ish) in English, lived in Oregon for 5 years, hobby is acting
Stage Name: Niel Real Name: Ahn Daniel Position: Main vocal Other: actual fish, can impersonate the Terminator, bad at aegyo, "emotional vocalist"
Stage name: Ricky Real Name: Yoo Changhyun Position: Lead dancer, sub vocalist Other: Child actor, self- proclaimed maknae, good at aegyo
Stage Name: Changjo Real name: Choi Jonghyun Position: sub vocal, Main dancer, Maknae Other: literal meme, can rap, Manly baby
your luv + my luv = supa luv
My first KPop group right here. Awww...such good memories. These boys are so talented! I will always support them <3 Teen Top Fighting!!!!
I love teen top!!! Flew hella far away to see them in concert in Dallas 😍😍😍😍😖❤💙💚💛💜