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Contrary to popular belief, not every makeup fan is into eyeshadow.

Myself for example. I absolutely love makeup, but when it comes to eyeshadow, we just don't blend -- no pun intended. Every now and then I'll throw on a neutral shade just to bring my look to life, but don't count on a full face of makeup consisting of an eyeshadow look everyday because that's just not me.
If you can relate, but don't mind a little pizazz [okay, not really] every now and then you might be interested in this simple eyeshadow tutorial by youtube channel, My Eva. The video gives a brief run-through on a simple, yet gorgeous eyeshadow look that can be worn pretty much everyday. Keep scrolling and check out the video seen below.

Do you wear eyeshadow often?

Would you rock this look?
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me too! super simple and gorgeous @stephosorio
No. I hardly go anywhere lol
lol same here! hahahaha @primodiva93
@jordanhamilton kinda random but do you think you can do a card on good foundations. Having a hard time finding one that has good coverage and doesnt make my oily face worst
not random at all, I just did one last week I believe. ill tag you @stephosorio I have oily/combo skin as well so the foundations I listed should work great for you.