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Happy birthday to our wondeful panda, Tao!!!! (Again, his birthday was actually yesterday...I don't know why I'm always late on these!!) He's an amazing rapper and his kicks and flips are so awesome and looking!!!! But, he's still scared of bugs? Haha oh well, I just wanted to say happy birthday to an amazing person and show some appreciation for him!
I hope you feel good, Tao, on your very special day and I hope everyone else also had an amazing day as well!! I will admit, I miss Tao being with EXO, but he seems to be doing fine as a solo artist so that makes me very happy!! I hope all of you EXO-Ls are still supporting him and I hope Tao gains new fans as he grows through the years!! We love you Tao! Stay strong and fighting!!
dude remember when he seduced that rose and threw it in the crowd😩💗
how could I forget?? it makes my heart race just thinking about it @woahdertierra
He is so beautiful... happy birthday Tao!!
Oh my god!! @woahdertierra I think all the fangirls died so hard when he did that!