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Because eating food just isn't enough anymore, now they have edible makeup. Makeup and food are two things you should never collaborate on. We all saw how not cool the lip glosses and eyeshadows that smelled like different foods happened to be, so why would this be any different? You have to be super desperate, or hungry in this case to want to chomp down on your lipstick.
In the video shown below by BuzzfeedYellow, women try edible makeup and it's definitely gag worthy. Ladies, let's stick to applying the makeup to our faces instead of pretending it's a five piece chicken box from Kentucky Fried. If curious as to why and just how deliciously terrible -- or not so terrible these women's experience happened to be, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Would you give edible makeup a try?

They should do this with some Lush products. I have this lip scrub that is WAY too delicious...
lol I love the colonel
Yeah, I'd try it. I mean, I re-aply my lipstick 6-10 times a day, so technically...I already eat makeup...sorta.
LOL!!! I don't judge at all, haha @stephosorio
I asked my chocolate palette from Too faced. lol actually tastes like chocolate too . do not judge me lol
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