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So I've had frizzy hair for basically my entire life.

Nothing reminds me of that more than the months of April and May - the time of the year reserved for April showers, May flowers, and constant hint of the summer humidity yet to come.

I'm probably not the only girl on Vingle with the frizzy-headed struggs, so for those who feel my pain, here's a little card honoring the bigness of our hair.

Does this sound like you?

Your #hairgoals is Carrie.

However, you're more realistically Slash.

Girls with smooth, straight hair tell you how pretty your hair is.

But they have no idea how much work your hair really entails.

Sometimes you think about getting it straightened at a salon.

But then you read Internet stories about girls going bald from it.

So, naturally, you put your entire refrigerator on your head.

And for a moment, your hair looks a little like this.

But then... wait... is it RAINING outside?

Welp, there goes that!

So, fellow frizzies of Vingle, how do YOU tame the frizz beast?

Personally, I'm a big fan of Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, teasing combs, and hair spray.
My hair is only straight after I take a shower and it's wet, but after an hour it becomes an afro.😭But I still like my curly hair.❤
oh man! THE most relatable thing ever! i'm a redheaded frizz ball. I had long hair when I was 7 and the frizz wasn't that bad back then but my mom had to deal with the brushing everyday so she decided to cut it all off and leave me with a bob. Now I've been trying to grow it back but I have curls and frizz. Most days I just wear it as it is or in a bun or a HUGE ponytail. and I occasionally straighten my hair (once a year). People tell me they love my thick hair but I tell them... "You have no idea!"
Tame frizz? You mean to tell me there's a way to control this tribble disaster upon my head?!
@BeannachtOraibh I prefer my hair short tbh.
If you have thick, wavy or curly, frizzy hair, heed my warning: DO NOT get a short haircut! I just made that mistake a couple months ago...the beautician was all like "You have SO MUCH hair, I'm going to try to thin it a little." I know nothing about hair thinning, so I thought it might help...I just warned her not to use a razor because it damages my thick hair. Well...thinning is SOOOO BAD for thick, wavy, frizzy hair because, oh yeah, it gives it body...the body of a chow-chow! Even hats and beanies have a difficult time hiding this disaster. lol
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