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Last year, doing balayage and ombre with bleach was greatly in style in high fashion.
To an extent, it still is a trend. In fact, I even got a balayage done last week. However, I have noticed that there have been more dark hair trends, like oil slick.
Oil slick - which is the trend of having dark yet vibrant hair - as shown above. What I didn't realize until now was why.
As I and many other girls who have gone through the transition from black hair to bleached locks, the maintenance can be terrible. Toning, purple shampoo, blue shampoo, color safe shampoo - coconut oil to condition it. So after a long time of maintenance, it gets to a point where a girl just wants to return back to darkness. Thus started the oil slicked trend - in my opinion.
My hair is pretty much like this right now. It was kind of an accident
I didn't know this was called oil slick! I always find this type of highlights beautiful! How is this done? Just color?