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Kpop makes top listings on iTunes!
Oh my gosh! Guys! BTS' new album released today, May 2, and it's made the top harts WORLDWIDE! This doesn't happen very often for kpop so I'm honestly mind blown! I'm so proud of BTS for all their hard work on these tracks and choreography! They deserve it!
Top songs: #49: Fire #84: Save Me #96: Epilogue: You g Forever Top Albums: #20 Top Music Videos: #1: Fire #5: Epilogue: Young Forever
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*twitching on ground from to much excitement and how proud I am*
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so freaking awesome....it's amazing to have 3 songs from the same album on top 100 during the same time
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Lets take over the world
a year ago·Reply
@IamSasha yes kpop will rule....and BTS will lead the way!
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