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Here's some of the photos from the 'professional' fans of LMH from his concert last night. :D I watched him sing dance and have fun. :") His laugh is really cute! And he sings his songs live! He's really good! :") Filipinos fell in love to him for the nth time! He also said that he loves kare-kare, crispy pata and fishball(filipino foods). He also learned the word "MAGANDA" (beautiful)! :") 11 lucky fans were also given a chance to be with oppa on stage and gave them his gifts. And as a finale, he did BUTT DANCE while singing "Say Yes"! :)) He's totally cute and funy guy! <3 oh well, I really did enjoy the concert but I'm not satisfied for I am not one of those lucky fans to meet him much closer. :(
i envy those who had the chance to see him.. saranghae min ho ..
Your lucky ,you met already LMH.
for sure tickets are sold out or maybe some fans stayed outside coz the arena is totally full.