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Glamour had one woman write down her ideal man in a really detailed list. From body hair, to marriage - they covered it all then compared it to a TON of guys.

They found her "perfect match" and set them up on a blind date.

They were 92.9% compatible based on everything that she wrote on the wall. What were the findings?

"He was so different from the people I usually gravitate towards!"

You can watch the guy's impression of the date HERE!

So, do you think that your "ideal guy" would ACTUALLY be someone you want to date?

Do you trust what you think is valuable in a partner?

Yes, I do trust myself. Because I know who I am. Without hesitation or difficulty, I could tell you my biggest flaws, fears, dislikes and insecurities. Knowing that, I know how compatible I would be with anybody I meet and get to know. As I may have said before, I'm more of a reactionary person than an initiator. I can take any amount of flaws a person has to throw at me. Their problems, Insecurities, likes, dislikes, quirks, habits etc. I'm open to anything and everything. However, what I do need is at least a semi-open mind. I have a lot of unpopular and/or strong opinions. I do a lot of things and say a lot of things that people normally don't voice. What I do need is somebody who understands the "give and take" process. What I do need is somebody who understands that I will change parts of me to best make our relationship run smoothly. if you tell me you don't like when I pay for everything, I'll back off and compromise. If you say you want me to be more emotional, if you say you don't like me opening doors for you, if you don't like me playing country music, if you don't like me turning on my blinker a bit early... I'll change all that! I don't find it to be a big deal! However, if I say that dislike when you're on your phone all the time when we're together and you do nothing but get defensive and turn it into a huge fight, instead of realizing that I wouldn't say anything unless it truly bothered me, and I would like you to put in the effort to change a bit just like I did, then that's where problems are. I take your criticisms as opportunities to improve, because I don't want to hurt or annoy you when it could be easily avoided. All I ask is that you do the same. I could keep going, but I'm just getting sad writing this haha
@Arellano1052 sounds like me
If I was to find that perfect lady for me I'd date her and trust my gut feeling. At the same time I'd have to question my being alive or awake.
I don't think that my perfect guy is out there I'll prob marry someone that I really don't like
No, I'd be way to nervous and he'd kill my self-esteem because he would be too perfect and too pretty!馃槅
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