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안녕하세요 친구!

Welcome to the especial round because you know it's Seventeen.. they just can't be ordinary. Making me go through all this just so you lovely people can chose your UB from each unit. *Fun warning* There will be many pictures of the 3 winners for the Vocal Unit that passed the second round. Sadly only two will be moving on to the semi round, so pick wisely. Special round will being today and conclude on Sunday. So make sure you vote, vote, vote for the two that will battle head on for the title. -Also please don't forget to send love to the others and be kind. -Side effects from playing (voting): extreme cuteness & chilly weather so make sure to wear a sweater and bring tissues for some people may experience(닭살) goosebumps. -Other side effects include: major confusion on whom to pick and changing of bias wreckers more than frequently. -It is recommended that a healthy dosage of SVT memes and MV by the group as a whole be watched until feels are slipping into that diamond life. Let's begin.
3 라운드 (Round 3): 스웨터 (Sweater wear) Like who doesn't love sweater weather or wearing big, over sized sweaters of any style. Well so do our 3 contestants coming into this special round. So which two would you choose to cozy up to? You never know, maybe there's room for you underneath √.√

Special Round Rules:

-Sadly only choose 2 that will move on to the semi round. Make sure to add emoji faces to your comments. Is it far to say have fun, maybe have fun crying? lol

Woozi (우지)


-Could the leader be moving on?

Jeonghan (정한)


-Could his hair help him move on?

Dokyeom (도겸)


-Could this ray of sunshine be moving on?

Thank you (고마워요)

Many thanks to our contestant going home, my doe eye babe...

Joshua (조슈아)

-Let's show some love to this cutie, I'm sorry but you just couldn't rock the black seduction. However, stay cute hunny. :( Tough special round. Next week will be the semi finals, basically the bias wrecker week. Make sure to comment the name of the 2 cuties that will be moving on. There can be no ties so make sure to vote and let others know to come on over and vote. You will have until Sunday when the poll talling is over.
Can't wait to have you back for the Semi finals aka Bias wrecker's week.


Tagging the amazing SVT Carat chingus. @EwSeungkwan @ChelseaJay @MrsJungHoseok And my lovely Carat taggies. @MirandaKawahara @ChelseaGarcia @minimanim3 Don't forget to tag any Carat chingu or those slipping into the Diamond life. And don't forget to stay up to date with the performance unit tomorrow, hip hop adventures on Friday, the vocal unit on Sunday...and anything with supporting our boys. Diamond besos!!
Woozi Jeonghan
Seokmin & Jihoon 🌞
Woozi Jeonghan 🤗