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Now I haven't traveled all too often, but when I do, it's definitely a foodie tour. Whether it's a popular restaurant, a trendy cafe, or a traditional street food, you can bet that I'm eating my way through a vacation. (Cuisine is, after all, a huge part of a culture!)
It seems that Melissa Hie, the Singapore-based 'food pornographer' behind Instagram account Girl Eat World, feels the same way, having attracted over a quarter million followers with her aesthetically-satisfying mix of wanderlust and fancy foods.

Melissa expertly pairs one serious cone of froyo with an equally stunning backdrop of Malta's beautifully blue water.

And, sure, we've had chocolate-covered strawberries before, but in front of a Belgian cityscape, they're elevated elegantly.

The contrast of a Hello Kitty donut and the bustling streets of Tokyo just screams modern Japan.

And if you ever plan to go to Paris, Melissa shows you exactly what you should be eating when you get there!

Maybe you wouldn't have known what a koulouri was before Melissa snapped this one in Greece.

Or that South Korea had such staggeringly tall ice cream cones!

And speaking of, here's a shot of Melissa's trip to Italy. (Now that's gelato done right!)

You can follow the Girl Eats World Instagram for more stunning shots of Melissa's travels, but in the meantime, tell me:

What's the most delicious or memorable food you've had on your travels?

I've got to give props to Mexican street corn. After a night of dancing, finding an elote vendor on the street is like striking gold.
@danidee guess you'll just have to go again!! i also really liked the chocolate almond croissant from bouchon bakery, though there's locations in ca as well so it's easier to get that.
the pork buns at momofuku and creme brulee doughnuts from doughnut plant in nyc!
@danidee yes! i liked the chocolate chip, but i loved the oatmeal raisin (so basically i'm already a grandma, hah).
@hmfong I think my favorite thing I ate when I was in New York was probably one of the cookies at Levain Bakery. They're SO GOOD. They're really big too lol.
@hmfong I NEVER GOT TO GO TO DOUGHNUT PLANT OR MOMOFUKU WHEN I WAS IN NYC. :( I only had the buns at Baohaus. I DID get to have the cereal milk ice cream at Momofuku Milk Bar though. So tasty.