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OKay. OKAY. Re:Zero is constantly just messing with my brain and I don't even know what to do about it!!!!!!
*spoilers through ep 5*
We go through this episode....
Feeling kind of sorry for Subaru, but also feeling like he's doing really well!
And Rem...Rem! She's so sweet & they get along well here.
And of course, any moment with Emilia is a great moment


The more you savor the light-hearted moments, the more crushing despair you will suffer in the end. That's what I have learned today. God. Dammit. DAMMIT.
Tagging some peeps who were watching it ^^
This Show is awesome
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I am so AGGRAVATED because of this episode >x< grr gr gr xP
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The first half of this episode had me losing interest but then the end brought me right back. Subaru needs to tell Emilia about his respawns and get it over with
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this show is awesome
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I like it..but i still havent had the wow factor for me. like omg i have to watch more! maybe its a lil slow paced for me.
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