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Sometimes, we love a products price or how the end result looks, but we don't love how it applies or how much work it takes to LOVE that product!
Try some of these tips to make these EH products into something FABULOUS!

Improving a sub-par concealer:

Ever wish one of your concealers would glide on a bit easier? Try this:
- Take product out of the stick
- Melt it down to liquid form
- Add a bit of your primer to it
- Mix it in
- Pour into empty pan & let harden
- Done!
If you prefer to do this day to day, you can just take some of a thicker concealer and mix it with a liquid foundation to make it more blendable!
This should make your concealer MUCH creamier so you can blend & work with it!

Mix up that foundation!

Do you hate using your "good" foundation year round when it doesn't always match your skin, but can't afford to buy another bottle? Try this!
Use a cheap bronzer or a white mixer foundation or a moisturizer that is lighter or darker that is similar in consistency to your foundation. Mix it together - you can then get a color that matches your skin year round!

Dried our lipstick?

Even expensive lipsticks dry out (and so do cheap ones!) But, do not worry! You can fix it without much stress at all~~
Try taking your lipstick, potting it, and mixing it with a tiny bit of cheap balm to make it usable again!

Repress Powdery Eyeshadows!

Repressing sounds a lot harder than it is - just search up a few videos and you can do it! If you have any powdery eyeshadows that frustrate you, try mixing in a tiny amount of silicone-based primer when they're liquid. They turn out very nice and smooth!

Make That Cheap Kohl Liner Shine!

Stick the pencil tip into the flame and let it melt a little. Test the pencil on the back of your hand to avoid burning your eye area. OBVIOUSLY BE CAREFUL. Do this with wooden pencils only, not retractable ones.

Warm it up!

This may sound crazy, but stick some of your makeup products in your bra or waistband while you're getting ready. Dipbrow, eyeliner pens, lash curlers...whatever! Just get them a bit warm. It also works for concealer -- rub your fingers together with the concealer in between or on the back of your hand to get it smoother & more blendable! Okay, you can also just put them in a warm cup of water but I always worry about leakage!!

Anyone got any other cool tips?!

these are really interesting thank you
These are good tips!!! I will be trying this with some of my eh products
Great tip on the repressed powder. I used the same method on clay mask when they run out of moisture. The only difference is I use toner.
@stephosorio no probs!!! they're tips ive seen around so thought I'd gather them up :)