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So this is some of what we ate on the 4th. We got egg rolls, and two other things that I'm not really sure of. the triangle things have coconut in them and then there's the ravioli looking pasta thing. @YinofYang can tell you more. Or me more. I didn't really eat them. >_< The first pictures are what they looked like before they were deep fried.^^
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View more comments, everything looks soooo freaken, good...aight this year's 4th im coming over, letting you know now!!
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@cheerfulcallie LOL!! Come on! I wonder what we'll be doing this year?^^
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@saravy have u ever frozen egg rolls? do u do it after deep frying or before?
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@YolandaEngland if you want to freeze egg rolls, freeze it raw then deep dry them after removing them from the freezer don't thaw them otherwise the wrapper will get moist and loose then you can't fry them.
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@saravy Thank You!
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